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Mobile Search - "Will Sing" Part II

Not too long ago, I extolled the virtues of Midomi, the incredibly smart voice-activated search engine:

...by audio, I mean you can literally hum a few bars of a song into it and it'll return likely results.

Why is this important? In another life I was a musician, classically trained in piano. I don't play anymore. I do have a great appreciation for music, but I have a horrible time remembering the names of songs. I used to hear something playing in the background or at a party and then would have to call my sister, a professional opera singer, hum a few bars and then beg for info as she berated me, American Idol-style.

So far, Midomi has found Alcohol (Barenaked Ladies) and Let Go (Frou Frou). I tried singing in some Japanese songs I know well but they didn't pop up.

Then I found a press release in my inbox from Verizon. They've launched V CAST Song ID, which essentially mimics the same kind of search:

With Verizon Wireless' exclusive new V CAST Song ID, you can now hear a song, hold the phone toward the music, watch it capture
a sample of what you're listening to and within seconds V CAST Song ID will identify the music, and allow you to purchase a matching full-track song, Ringtone or Ringback tone -- all right over-the-air from your phone.

Verizon has supposedly indexed 4 million songs and a quick search should produce a display with the name of artist, song title and, because this is a commercial enterprise, a note about how to download the track as an mp3, a ringtone or a ringback tone.


Midomi, and now Verizon...

Our industry should, in the very near future, capitalize on what we do best. We aggregate (reporting). We sort, verify and analyze (writing and editing). And ultimately we make content available to the masses (publishing).

I know that citizen journalism is the latest, hottest trend now, but I wish that we could branch off into the direction of smarter aggregating and publishing. We should be in the business of innovating tools like Midomi.

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