June 28, 2007

Thoof...Now In Public Beta

Thoof, the Digg-like automated news service, is now in public beta. Have a look at what I said about the service a few weeks back. Give it a trial run here.

Breaking News in Blogs: Lake Tahoe Fires

If there's any positive to come from the tragic fires sweeping Lake Tahoe, it's LATimes.com coverage.

Under the direction of Times.com Exec. Editor Meredith Artley, breaking news online no longer means publishing a full, 10-inch story with updates tagged on as the story progresses. I heard her say at the NAHJ conference recently that the web isn't a wire service, so why not write out the story as it unfolds?

Have a look at what her team is accomplishing via a breaking news blog. There are maps, video and interactive elements, too - but check out the blog first. Readers are commenting. This is the way newspapers should handle breaking news events.