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Google's Browser: Chrome

Launching today...at least they're saying today...is Google's foray into the browser wars. It's called Chrome, and as of 11am PST today, it'll be available in 100 countries for free - but only supported by Windows. (Apple and Linux versions are forthcoming.)

Chrome debuts just a week after the release of Microsoft's IE8. Google is promising lots of bells and whistles, an open platform and, somewhat importantly, a neat way to deliver advertising.

Read the comic-book version of what Chrome promises to offer on the official Google blog here. (This may change as Chrome sets to launch in a few hours.)

Chrome, if it integrates all of Google's other office products and communications tools - including the new video for business offering also announced today - brings us one step closer Webtop computing. Forget your desktop, where you're tethered to your local hard drives and clunky software apps that must be stored and run from a computer in your office. Soon, you'll control your content - but it'll live up in the cloud, be accessed on multiple platforms and available via WiMax at all times and at super-fast speeds.

If you do download the Chrome beta today, play with it and let me know what you think. I'll offer my review at the end of the week here...


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