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It's been a busy fall. With the ONA conference wrapped, I'm now headed to Kyiv, Hong Kong and Tokyo - with pit stops in Macau and Iwate - to work with some of our international clients. Part of the Japan trip will include 2D barcode and mobile market research.

We plan to offer a few new tipsheets and a report on emerging mobile technology as it applies to journalism when I'm back in a few weeks.

Meantime, if you happen to be reading this from any of the above areas and want to get together to demo what you're developing, show me any new products your company is offering or just socially for drinks, please be in touch. I purposefully booked in some free time around my work schedules...

Oh - and does anyone remember Mystery Science Theater 3000, one of my favorite old TV shows? I had Twitter going during the VP debates last night. And since I follow some of the cleverest, snarkiest people out there, Twitter brought back excellent memories. HT to stevefox, tiffanyshack, enriquez, etanowitz and the great hatchjt!


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