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Web 2.0 Summit Updates...

First, I hope that Apple devotes some R&D resources to improving its batteries. I opted to take my spare travel computer (MacBook Air) rather than one of my other more powerful machines, and the damn thing runs out of juice entirely too fast. Same for my iPhone, which even running Edge or wireless rather than 3G still has 5-6 hours of battery life before conking out.

Here's a roundup of posts and thoughts from yesterday's sessions:

Reactions to Jerry Yang's talk: Mike Arrington, Besty Schiffman via Wired,

Reactions to Rajesh Jain's talk: See Emergic - presentation is also here

Reactions to Mary Meeker's talk about the Internet economy: ReadWriteWeb

Reactions to John Doerr's talk: VentureBeat

Reactions to Larry Brilliant's talk: CNET

General reactions from bub.blicio.us, InformationWeek, ZDNet, JD Lasica, 海洋之心 (that's in Chinese, in case the characters don't appear correctly), trendbird, Rashmi's blog.

Watch the action on blip

Headed to a breakfast meeting and then a demo, then back to the conference for sessions today...


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