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Web 2.0 Thursday Insight...

But first...Tweeps can follow the back channel at #web2summit. How might one do that, if one doesn't know how to find the "back channel," you ask? Head over to http://search.twitter.com and enter #web2summit. You can actually do that whenever someone announces a hashtag entry...lots of conferences use it. Folks pick a keyword, and the write a Twitter entry using it as part of the post. We used #ona during our Online News Association conference this past fall, and there were lots of options during the debates (see #vpdebate).

And now, here's what we learned today (roundup):

Zuckerberg on Facebook: CNET, Brian Solis, BusinessWeek (they're here?!). My take: he said a lot without really saying anything. John Battelle continues to inspire and impress me... he's doing a hell of a job conducting the conversations.

Lots of Green everywhere, especially at the Launch Pad. See here for details on the companies representing. I was especially impressed with GoodGuide,who also announced a new iPhone app. I plan to corner them tomorrow to talk 2d barcodes... Also impressed with EveryScape, though I wonder how it will eventually scale and update without intense human involvement.

More talk about the cloud tomorrow, which I'm eager to hear. And of course, an appearance by Mr. Gore, who started using Twitter yesterday and seems to have two accounts (al_gore and TheRealAlGore)? One of them started following me earlier today... hoping it was, indeed, The Real Al Gore.


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