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New Platform for 2009?

We were grocery shopping last week at Giant, and we were asked if we wanted to try a new scanner as soon as we entered the store. The basic idea is that we'd scan our own merchandise, then bag it and then place it into our cart. At the end, we'd scan a final barcode at the register and swipe our credit card. Given what lines are like in this area - I've been known to ditch my cart after waiting on the line for 20 minutes or longer - it seemed like a fantastic idea. Plus, a new toy!

As we were moving though the store, the scanner (Motorola) began suggesting items we might want based on where we were standing and the items we'd already scanned. It also offered up coupons.

Is there a way to integrate news content here? Absolutely - and that's all we talked about as we shopped. What about news alerts that were location aware? Sports scores, breaking news, weather... It'd also be a possible platform to carry video ads, since our scanner had sound and speakers. What about streamed content, like what's available in New York City cabs?

This may seem far-fetched to you, but I talk often about multi-screen content and how that applies to journalism. I don't just get content on my office computer. I have a few laptops. Two mobile phones. TiVo. A GPS system in each of our cars. Is your news organization in a position to deliver your content across multiple screens? Can I start following your coverage of, say, the Hamas/ Israel conflict on my television in the morning, then continue with your brand while I'm on the train and then later at work in my office? If not, what's your plan for the next six months to correct that?

front of store scanning center

my other half scanning butter

coupon notification alert

checkout center


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