At times, I may sing Apple’s platitudes. I own and use Apple products. I’m not an Apple spokesperson, and I don’t own Apple stock – but I’m a big, big fan of the equipment I use.

I am a consultant, but I started out as a journalist, and because of that I can't stomach making side deals with vendors to recommend their products or services. I'll talk about different companies and their tools, and I may just be enthusiastic enough to compel you to go out and make a purchase. Please know that if I recommend a person or product, it's because I belive in (s/he or it) wholeheartedly. I receive no kickbacks or other financial gains when I make a recommendation. Same goes for the clients I work with and for my consulting company, MyDigiMediaGroup.

I’ve done work for many news companies, journalism schools and media organizations. For a sample of recent clients, see the WMG site. I've been on the adjunct faculty at the University of Maryland, Temple University, Drexel University, University of the Arts, Tokyo University and Iwate University (Japan). I've also guest lectured at Indiana University, Johns Hopkins University and Purdue University. On the side, I have a pet project called Broad Street Review, where I'm working with esteemed editor Dan Rottenberg to deliver arts and culture content to the greater Philadelphia area.

I serve on the Board of Directors for the Online News Association, the Temple Journalism Advisory Council and the International Center for Journalists Advisory Council.

I’m affiliated with the following professional organizations: ONA, RTNDA, SPJ, SIGGRAPH, PANMA and IRE. I was the co-chair, along with Tiffany Shackelford, of the 2008 ONA conference.

I like my coffee strong, black and thick, preferably out of a French press. I also love Guinness. I don’t own stock or have business relationships with any of the above, but if you happen to see me in person, I’m always up for a drink and a chat.